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Welcome to Farnham Counselling: The home of Family and Relationship Therapy. 

Thank you for visiting my website, hopefully you are here because you are interested to see how counselling can help you. 


Because of my own life experiences I like to work predominantly with new families and shifting relationships. ​ These shifts could be a result of you have recently becoming a parent,  maybe you are co parenting or have a blended family.  

You might be or about to become a Grandparent and considering your role and your relationship with your new grandchild, your child and / or their partner. 

When life changes relationships shift, often for the better but that is not always the case!

I hope that some counselling can help you navigate the shifts that are happening for you in your family and find a pathway to follow that will help settle the unsettled. 


I can work with you individually or as a couple, face to face in either Farnham or Haslemere in Surrey, or we can meet virtually via Zoom.

If any of this resonates with you please get in touch to see how talking therapy can help. 

Thank you

Suzanne x

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