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Couples and Individual Therapy during the Perinatal Period,
Birth Trauma and Early Parenting

Life can be tough sometimes and our thoughts and emotions overwhelm us, this can be particularly true during the perinatal period.

Relationships shift and change when a new baby is due or has arrived, this again can create tension and anxiety between parents and the extended family.  Understanding your attachment style and talking through how you are feeling can really help you settle happily into your new role and enjoy the early weeks and months with your new baby.   

For some of us, the process of thinking about starting a family, becoming pregnant, the IVF process and all the excitement and disappointment that can bring, creates a variety of emotions and triggers that maybe you were not expecting.   

Birth, with the best preparation and awareness very often doesn't go quite to 'plan' and this can leave both parents feeling confused and lost, maybe unable to communicate  how they are feeling and why? Birth trauma can have life long effects on both mum and partner. Being able to reflect on what happened and understand better why, can help you make sense of what happened and what it means to you. 

Feeding and caring for a young baby brings its own pressures and challenges, with 85% of new mums experiencing some level of post natal depression and over 30% of new dads and partners also seeking support, you know you are not alone! If you are struggling with your new role and identity or any of the many other issues around becoming a parent, talking about it in a safe and non judgmental space can help enormously.

If any of the above resonates with you or you are concerned about someone you love please get in touch.

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