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Relationships and Attachment.
How I can help you understand your relationship patterns and improve your confidence and self worth! .

Behind every successful person there is a successful relationship!

How often do you question why yet another romance is falling apart? Why do you have a bestie for a while but then the friendship ends or you are always not speaking to family members? 

Can you see a pattern in how you manage your relationships and are you in a negative relationship cycle??


Your story?

So whats going on?

Often the real root of anxiety and depression can be traced back to your relationships, be it romantic, friends or family.  Thinking about how you manage your relationships, attachment styles and creating a healthy approach to how you interact with those around you can be the start of something truly empowering!

Relationships should feel good, nurturing and supportive.  If you are always anxious or questioning your partners motives and feel confused about the relationship, something is going on. 

We all have different ways of developing attachments and some are healthier than others. If you are becoming familiar with feeling unhappy, depressed or dissatisfied with most of your relationships and can't work out why, it might be time to talk!

    Lets talk!

    To arrange an intial chat, please get in touch 


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