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Farnham Counselling.

Why I decided to become a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

My decision to have a career change happened in 2018. Having worked with soon to be parents as an Antenatal teacher and Coach for over 20 years, I have heard many stories of postnatal-depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed as part of early-parenting or soon to be parents experiences.

Farnham Counselling started as everyone's reasons for why they feel how they do are individual and personal, and sometimes it is difficult to understand those emotions. Giving birth can be amazing or result in birth trauma, sometimes in equal measure. Having a healthy baby is just part of the story bit there are many other parts that might not be so positive. 

I offer a safe and confidential space to explore how you are feeling and help you understand and give yourself the time and space to acknowledge and accept your feelings and help you restore yourself.

It is not always about the mother, sometimes fathers and  birth partners can struggle with feelings associated with postnatal depression and welcoming the new baby into the family. Supporting your partner through birth,  can be traumatic, and you might be left feeling overwhelmed and alone.

There are so many parts involved with becoming a family, some are easy and fun, others are more challenging.

That is why I am here to talk to you, so please dont struggle alone. Get in touch and see if working together can help you, your baby, partner and other important members of your family. 

I can work with you face to face in either Farnham or Haslemere in Surrey, or we can work virtually via Zoom or on the phone. 

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